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Water Bottles Are Crucial For Every Cyclist - Make Sure You Know What is What
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Choosing a long lasting cycling water bottle.

One of the most important components of good cycling gear is a water bottle that's going to last for a significant portion of time. Staying hydrated, especially on longer rides during hotter weather, is crucial for health and stamina. Aside from a helmet, a durable and well-made water bottle is one of the most important pieces of gear for a cyclist.

For a short while, the trend that was all the rage was strapping some sort of bag to one's back, and hydrating via a tube that could be placed in the mouth at any time. This was convenient in that, unlike with a traditional cycling water bottle, there was no need to stop riding to take a sip. However, these bag-dependent systems had many shortcomings, including, but not limited to, the water getting too hot since the sun was usually beating down. Another complaint was that, even though they were durable, these hydration devices often ruptured or tore, and since they were so much more expensive than regular water bottles, replacing one cost a lot.

So the cycling world has turned back, in large part, exclusively to a more traditional cycling water bottle. Since endurance tests done in wind tunnels proved that having a water bottle and a cage on a bike frame did not create more resistance, those looking to shave seconds off their times can go back to using a traditional water bottle without worrying about it costing them precious seconds in a race.

The best method for frequent bicyclists is to use many different water bottles in rotation, so as not to wear one out quicker than the others. Choosing the best cycling water bottle for long or short distance rides is a matter of finding one that isn't so poorly made that it's going to break, that does a decent job of keeping water cold, or at least temperate, and one that doesn't have that horrible plastic taste.

The best way to go, for aesthetics and also for environmental reasons, is often one of the new biodegradable water bottles, made with the express purpose of not leeching any dangerous plastic chemicals into the water bicyclists are using to fuel their long rides. Safe for the dishwasher, relatively affordable, and biodegradable, this type of cycling water bottle is a safe and cost-efficient choice.

When choosing any type of water bottle, pay attention to the number of different plastic parts attaching the top to the bottle. If it's an intricate-looking system, usually it is actually detrimental to the water bottle's shelf life, because more pieces, especially when banged around on the road, means more of an opportunity for something to break. The best cycling water bottle is one in a light color, so it doesn't absorb light, that is streamlined and fits well into the cage, and that has a simple but durable top that won't break or crack easily.

And for those cyclists who want a simple way to prevent that gross plastic taste from ruining their mouthful of refreshing water, there are a couple of ways to go about fixing the situation. Scrub the water bottle before even using it, preferably with an organic, plant-based soap, helps make it more difficult for the plastic taste to linger. At the very worst, put a sprig of mint into your water, so that the taste isn't as strong. It's also very refreshing after a long ride.

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